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Door Dash experience

I placed an order through Door Dash¬† a few months ago. When I went to the restaurant to pick it up, there was no order submitted. I searched for a way to contact you guys through the app and online to find out how to […]

Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh Review

So here is my initial review of Hello Fresh meal delivery. This is the first box, from Hello fresh, I’ve ordered. This will be my impression of what came out of the box. To read my review on Dinnerly, click here. So, the box was […]

Dinnerly Review

Dinnerly Review

So here is my initial review of Dinnerly meal delivery. Please know that I have never ordered anything like this. So this my impression of what came out of the box. I did, however, also order a box from Hello Fresh. So I will be doing a review on that as well. Then I will compare them to each other and give my review.

I have to mention I am not being sponsored by either company and neither company knows who I am or that I am doing this.

When you first sign up you get some sort of deal. So my first box was about $30. Which was great! I figured this might be an easier and less expensive way for me to eat when my girls are at their dad’s house.

I ordered the 3 dinners for 2 people.

My first impression was, “I thought this was for 2 people?” For a minute I thought maybe I chose the low-calorie meals. But I didn’t.

If these are portions for two people, then that is why I am overweight. I am definitely eating too much.

Luckily, I did not have my kids this week., There is no way this could have fed me and two kids. Yes, I know I got dinners for 2. But they are kids and do not eat a lot. If my kids were babies, then maybe this would have worked.

So keep in mind, you may need extra ingredients to make additional servings. Which brings me to my next observation. You cannot have seconds. Either you need to order enough for more people or buy extra ingredients at the store. The seasonings seem to be enough if I wanted to add more to the pot.

Also, keep in mind the prices go way up after your initial box.

So, based on the amount of food I get for $30 (to go up to around $50) after your first box. I do not find it is worth it. For $50, I can get a lot more food from the grocery store. For a single mom on a budget, I would rather take 30 minutes and go to the grocery store and buy groceries.

For $50 I can also get other things that I will need beyond dinners.

Also, another thing to know is their recipes are all online. They do not come in the box. So, until I can go online and download the “cooking instructions” pdf, I do not know if what is in the box, is what I ordered.

If it is not already in this post, I will be adding an unboxing video.

Honestly, I will be amazed if this gives me 2 servings. I will let you know.

Have you ever ordered a meal prep delivery? Let me know your thoughts or favorites in the comments!

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