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Door Dash experience

I placed an order through Door Dash  a few months ago. When I went to the restaurant to pick it up, there was no order submitted. I searched for a way to contact you guys through the app and online to find out how to get a refund and I not successful. I was never refunded the $14 charge and on top of that, I still had to place an order they never got, pay for it (again) and then wait for it. I say ‘again’ because you guys already charged me.

It took me replying to a “no reply” email to an email address.

I was very upset and was a the point if not wanting ot use them again.
I would think differently if I could get a refund.

I got an answer back.  They refunded me the money and apologized for the experience.

I would receommend this service.  The customer service was very responsive and very helpful.   If anyone else is having probelms, please email them:

And Bon Apetite!

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