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Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh Review

So here is my initial review of Hello Fresh meal delivery. This is the first box, from Hello fresh, I’ve ordered. This will be my impression of what came out of the box. To read my review on Dinnerly, click here.

So, the box was not as heavy as Dinnerly’s box. I found out the reason is the ice packs.

I opened the box and was immediately impressed. I had chosen 3 meals for two people, so there were 3 recipes inside. All ingredients were separated by the recipe in their own bags. The only things that were not in the paper bags, were the meats. Those were under ice packs at the bottom of the box.

The ingredients were fresh and there was quite a bit. Ther recipe cards were included which means I was able to cook right away.

Overall, I was very impressed. I would recommend this for people on a budget and short on time. I was able to get a deal that gave me $30 off my box. So regularly, my box would have been around $50. Which for $50 a week, is not bad. But keep in mind this was for 3 dinners for two people. There is a family plan also.

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