Helping Single moms

So You’re A Single Mom?

Whatever your reason for being a single mom, welcome!

I, too, am a single mom even though my story mom’s story began married. Here I am. My purpose for starting this is because I found a lot of budgeting advice included two incomes. Well, I am on one.

Also, after talking to my mom, we came to the idea that there are some single moms that also need help keeping up their homes. I am also one of these moms. My mom is so good at keeping her home clean and organized.

So, we teamed up and this blog was born.


I never learned to budget. I never had to. I went from college student to no expenses to married and then a stay at home mom. Budgeting and bills were something I never had to take care of. So becoming a single mom was a challenge.

I learned fast…. sort of.

I lived paycheck to paycheck. I had to. I know, most of us do. I could not save anything. So, it does not come to a surprise that when my corporate position was downsized. I had nothing and I was scared. This sent me on a mission. I went back to school. My goal was to finish my Master’s Degree. I decided that I wanted to work at a school. So began that goal.

However, it did not solve the problem that I needed income. I have two kids. I have a mortgage. I have bills. By the grace of God, I found another job. However, my heart was set on reaching my goal of working at a school. After about two years there, that position was “no longer needed.” Apparently, what they neede me for, was completed and I was no longer needed.

This sent me into survival mode. I cannot lose my house. However, because I had gone through this before, I knew I could make it. It would be hard, but I could do it.

That is what this blog is about. This is who it is for. You are not alone and even if you are just here for entertainment, maybe you will learn things that will help in your life!

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I’m glad you’re here,


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